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Grout Logic was developed in 1994 to provide a solution for dirty, discolored tile grout. With the help of a chemical engineer, we developed the first permanent colored grout sealer on the market. Grout Logic grout sealer is only available to licensed division owners nationwide. Grout Logic has simplified the process and perfected the art of grout restoration.


The Grout Logic Grout Color Sealing process starts by deep cleaning the grout removing all surface dirt, oil, debris and bacteria from the grout lines. Once the grout lines are clean, we apply our permanent custom colored grout sealer to the grout. Grout Logic grout sealer penetrates deep into the grout, completely recoloring all stains and discoloration. Once the grout lines are sealed, nothing can penetrate or stain the grout again. 


Grout Logic has thousands of colors to choose from. Our proprietary formula can be customized to match any shade in the color spectrum. We can change the color of your grout or match the original color. No other company can offer you more colors and provide better results. Grout Logic will provide you with a customized grout color that perfectly matches the tile and decor of your home or business. Once the grout is color sealed, all the grout lines will be perfect, uniform and stain free.


Grout is porous, thus allowing dirt and stains to penetrate the grout and making it impossible to clean. The more you clean your tile the dirtier the grout becomes due to dirty water saturating the grout. Discolored grout makes entire tile floors appear dirty. Once the sealer is applied, virtually nothing can penetrate or stain the grout again. Your grout lines will look beautiful and stay beautiful. View Before + After Gallery.



Our product is guaranteed against cracking, chipping, peeling, and stains. Finally – grout lines that stay clean!  Grout Logic is adamant about the grout cleaning and color sealing industry. Grout Logic process and products are the most technologically advanced products in the industry. We take pride in our work and provide the highest quality, fine, professional workmanship available.


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