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Initial Investment Requirements

We are always working to expand the Grout Logic name! Grout Logic determines territory cost based on population size, average household income per capita, and mile radius of said territory. Credit worthiness, favorable debt to income ratio, and secondary sources of income are also considered when determining eligibility.

Choose a state below to determine if we are accepting applications in your area:


Who Is the Ideal Grout Logic Distributorship Owner?

Every Grout Logic distributorship owner takes a different journey to get where they are. Our owners come from all kinds of backgrounds – from construction to finance to restaurants.

As Grout Logic continues to grow nationally, we’re not looking for cookie-cutter owners. We don’t require a background in grout cleaning, restoration or business ownership. What we do look for is a spark, a passion for people and a desire to succeed.

The ideal Grout Logic owner is someone who embodies Grout Logic’s core values: Passion, purpose, and community. Our owners don’t look the same or think the same, but together, they build a brand that’s bringing a superior and sought after service to customers in their territory or territories.


The ideal Grout Logic territory owner is passionate about business. As Grout Logic’s owner Jay Broadwell points out, you don’t have to be a grout cleaning master to be a successful distributorship owner and succeed at growing your company. Just a desire to get ahead and a passion for people. The rest will come naturally. There’s a lot to love about Grout Logic and its products – our focus on quality, right to use exclusive materials, and accessibility, to name a few.


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